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Companies are expected to respond to their customers’ needs at whatever cost. Add this, follow us here, rework that… all of these requests often causing significant internal challenges. The company that is most flexible and can respond first often wins the race. Designing a facility that is centered on this understanding is one way a company can significantly equip themselves for this reality.

Our solutions can help reduce your day-to-day costs, improve efficiency, enhance aesthetics, save tax dollars, preserve capital, shorten schedules, integrate technology and maximize flexibility.

BioTechnology Workspaces – POI

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
January 7, 2016
The critical challenge for space planners tasked with providing scientific workspaces at an affordable cost is space design that promotes innovation, employee engagement, collaboration and work effectiveness.

Office Space Sustainability

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
January 6, 2016
Sustainability has taken on a new meaning for the office, shifting from a focus on the environment to one on the whole being. Even in space-challenged urban environments many are adding casual seating areas and spaces for collaboration.

Health & Well Being – POI

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
January 5, 2016
As we become increasingly aware of the role our workspace surroundings play in supporting our mood, designers and office furniture manufacturers continue to design and perfect materials that encourage positive experiences.

Operations, First Honda

“Your people cared a lot, they were very helpful!”

Darrell Coletto

Cannon Associates

“Your staff was great. All around design and installation. The place looks great. Great job!!”

Michael Cannon / President


“Working with your whole team has been wonderful. You consistently think outside the box and complete projects on a professional and timely basis. Having the right project manager facilitates the whole project.”

Marlyn Talaiefar / Facilities Manager


“The moving of the office furniture was successful and the movers were so professional (if they could return to re-install that would be PERFECT!) Thanks so much!!!”

Myra McKissick

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