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Companies are expected to respond to their customers’ needs at whatever cost. Add this, follow us here, rework that… all of these requests often causing significant internal challenges. The company that is most flexible and can respond first often wins the race. Designing a facility that is centered on this understanding is one way a company can significantly equip themselves for this reality.

Our solutions can help reduce your day-to-day costs, improve efficiency, enhance aesthetics, save tax dollars, preserve capital, shorten schedules, integrate technology and maximize flexibility.

Product Feature: BuzziSpace Jungle

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
July 18, 2016
The BuzziJungle is a modern approach to an adult jungle gym -- but with purpose. Intended as a meeting space, optional work station, or nap area, the BuzziJungle is sure to be a highlight of any office area.

ChargeSpot: The Future of Wireless Power

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
July 12, 2016
ChargeSpot has revolutionized the way we charge our phones. Utilizing a seamless installation process, ChargeSpot can be placed into almost any table surface and give instant access to wireless charging for your mobile devices.

Product Spotlight: Vitra’s Living Tower

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
July 7, 2016
Vitra's Living Tower, designed by Verner Panton, is where sculpture meets furniture. With the ability to be used on four different levels, the Living Tower is as versatile as it is an art piece.

Rapkin Girlin & Beaumont

“POI = A successful project!”

Jeff Beaumont / Partner


“After experiencing frustration with our previous firm, we interviewed POI to better understand their capabilities. Free Taylor and his team proved to be competent, helpful and truly a positive partner during our office move. POI’s expertise in the planning stages of our project saved Symark thousands of dollars.”

Doug Yarrow / President


“The moving of the office furniture was successful and the movers were so professional (if they could return to re-install that would be PERFECT!) Thanks so much!!!”

Myra McKissick

ION Media Networks

“I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do.”

Aisha Figilis Regional Operations Manager