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Companies are expected to respond to their customers’ needs at whatever cost. Add this, follow us here, rework that… all of these requests often causing significant internal challenges. The company that is most flexible and can respond first often wins the race. Designing a facility that is centered on this understanding is one way a company can significantly equip themselves for this reality.

Our solutions can help reduce your day-to-day costs, improve efficiency, enhance aesthetics, save tax dollars, preserve capital, shorten schedules, integrate technology and maximize flexibility.

OPS – Desking System

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
November 30, 2015
The OPS metal desking system offers more options and flexibility in the workplace. With a variety of low storage options, this system proves to be exceptionally functional and can be easily integrated into any environment.

Ergotron – WorkFit-S

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
November 25, 2015
The challenge we face in the workplace is ergonomic experts have proven a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. Calculate the time you sit each day to see if you are at risk for sitting disease. It is a cause worth standing for - your health.

Humanscale – Element Vision

Written By: Pacific Office Interiors
November 24, 2015
With cutting edge MCX LED technology advancements, the Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-print of glare free illumination in a single light source - not commonly found in LED computer lamps.

ICW Group

“I know you both stepped into this project late and took on something that was out of your control but I appreciate the effort. I know how much you guys have had to rally to meet deadlines.”

James Duenas

Internet Machines Corp.

“POI has always provided exemplary service!”

Ron Chase

City of Oxnard

“POI consistently provides a high level of customer service with rapid response. They offer lines of products that have improved the appearance of our offices and made our staff happy too.”

Matthew Winegar / Development Services Director

ADMI, Inc.

“We are extremely satisfied with our new setup.”

John C. Dombrowski

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